PRACTICE PLUMBING LICENSING EXAM (Contains 20 questions timed 1 hour 15 minutes)

1. which of the following fittings are not allowed for use when changing a 3" drain's direction horizontal to horizonatl

2. A fixture with a continuous flow of 2 gpm has the equivalent of _____ drainage fixture units

3. An eight inch stack is required to drain 2400 drainage fixture units form a four story building. Since the fourth story has only 58 drainage fixture units, the stack serving that story may be reduced to ____ inches

4. A gas fired water heater, listed and labeled as resistant to flamable vapor ignition, may be installed

5. The velocity of 18 gpm flowing in a 3/4" smooth pipe is about ________ feet per second

6. When sizing a piping system, the minimum flow rate for a shower is________ gpm.

7. How many eighth bends are required to make a 45 degree turn?

8. All plastic pipe fittings and components shall be third party cetrified as conforming to _____________

9. Using 150 feet of 3/4 " smooth pipe, what is the aproximate pressure drop if 10 gpm is to be delivered

10. The measured length of a sump vent is 75 feet. What is the assumed developed length if allowances for enrtrance losses, friction due to fittings, changes indirrection and diameter are not available.

11. The diameter of a stack vent with a developed length of 78 feet and connected to a 3 inch waste stack handling 27 drainage fixture units is _____ inches

12. When selecting a sleeve for a 2 inch pipe passing through a foundation wall, the sleeve must be _____ diameter.

13. All indirect waste piping that excced ____ feet in developed length, measured horizontally, shall be traped

14. A drainage branch pipe extending laterally from a soil or waste stack, that receives the discharge from two or more fixtue drains is called a

15. A building requiring 5 drinking fountains my sustitute a maximun of_____ fountains with bottled water dispensers

16. A bathroom requiring 5 water closets may sustitute _____ water closets with urinals

17. Piping that passes through concrete walls shall be protected by a sleeve with a minimum thickness of ____.

18. The vertical distance from the fixture outlet to the trap weir shall not exceed ____ inches

19. The area to be serviced by an oil separator in a service staion is 300 square feet.. What is the minimum of the oil separator

20. showers waste outlets shall shall have a removable strainer, not less than ___ inches in diameter

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